Personality Change

via Daily Prompt: Broken

Being broken is like a vase being shattered to pieces. You start with an intact vase, with an elegant form, but once it is shattered, you see what is truly inside the vase. It could be air, or it could be water, or it could be blood. Only by being broken, can you see the true value and substance of something.

It’s like if one had an experience of living in a foreign place. You might feel broken because many people you know are not there. However, you have to meet new people and make new connections, and in those instances, your personality is visible.  So the vase is broken and then the fragments of the vase represent the fragments of your personality. It could be good aspects like sympathy or bad aspects like selfishness or hate. Then there’s the inside of the vase, which is like what you as a person represent. It could be weak like alcohol that evaporates quickly. Or it can be strong like blood that is viscous and evaporates very slowly- ie. stays liquid.

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But being broken is not the end of life for the vase. It can still be mended back together with glue. And it maintains its shape as long as you have all the pieces. The vase will have imperfections, but I would say it is worth it to be broken to see what is truly inside the vase. One would be guessing for eternity what was within the vase, whether liquid or air.

Being mended back from being broken is the same as getting fixed! Back to the analogy before, it’s like if that one person went back to his home and that person was transformed and the imperfections can be hid or exposed depending on how well they show their imperfections. So their personality could change- instead of being selfish, they might care more about others. Or it could be the other way around- they could be ambivalent in the past, but more bitter now.

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So let’s say there was a personality improvement, ie. the selfish->caring. Then, that improvement would be represented by how well the vase is remade back together with glue. It could be a really crappy job, so the personality changed minimally, or a excellent and professional job- personality changed a lot and for the better.


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